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Our Story

At kellieMAC | Its More than Hair 


Our Mission

Our Mission at kellieMAC is to create positive relaxing atomosphere where our stylists &skin specialists meet your goals in both a way that's easy for you to maintain with your lifestyle habits keeps your hair & skin healthy. We provide advanced education and support in between visits so that healthy hair and skin rituals are created + customized to each guests lifestyle , leaving them feeling confident and obsessed with their own hair and renewed skin after each visit.  

Our Craft

The culture at kellieMAC is what sets us apart from any other salon you've experienced. we start with strong values and build our stylists from there. we have passion for learning and evolving with an industry that forever moves at a fast pace. You will be sure to find exactly what your hair and skin needs at kellieMAC

Our Salon

kellieMAC was founded in 2018 by the beautiful Kellie. She was a single mother to 3 amazing girls and the most contagious personality and spirit. Kellie had a passion for making people beautiful. When Kellie unexpectedly fell ill in 2022, her Stylist remained committed to continue the salon in her honor. Kellie showed us how incredible strength, beauty and commitment. She never let anything stand in her way or bring her down. 

My dream is remain true to Kellie , her vision and her unique style. 

We want you to know when you to know when you come in to kellieMAC-


Salon Tour

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